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Detective Wolfgang Haus' Aggression Explained in the Painting of Deceit

I added a chapter to explain about Detective Wolfgang Haus and his physical aggression at the end of THE PAINTING OF DECEIT and wanted to post it for anyone who read the book. Here it is:

Mike Edwards ordered two beers at the Pub and Grub. Wolfgang had just left the Ridgefield Police Department and met up with Mike. The barmaid slid two frosted mugs in front of them.

“So what ever happened to Mary, Wolfgang?” Mike inquired.

Haus looked annoyed. “A piece of crap agent named McClain at the FBI was bugging her. He knew I had a thing for her and we’d been seeing each other, but he decided to interfere. He was flirting with her. She said it was nothing. She’d laugh at his jokes. But it got personal because he started calling her house and then asked her out. She declined, but the scumbag decided to insist she date him. She was afraid of him and that’s when I gave him an ultimatum.”

“Is that why you left the FBI?” Mike took a gulp of his beer.

“There’s a bunch of other things that happened with him after and my dad’s good friend, Chief Fagan asked me to come hang out at Ridgefield. He said he needed someone good, even if it was really quiet.”

“So did you get McClain in a headlock?” Mike laughed.

“No, no headlock.” Wolfgang was getting pissed, thinking about the incident when he and Mike were in high school.

“Oh, come one. It’s just a joke. You can get a little physical.”

“I didn’t clock him, like I wanted to.” Wolfgang frowned.

“You got in trouble and that’s why you’re at the Teenie-Weenie P.D.”

“That scumbag was scaring her.”

“I don’t blame you. Are you ever going back to the FBI?”

“I miss it, but I'm gonna keep hanging out in Ridgefield. First the bureau wanted to transfer me to Boston. I said no way, so they said how about New Haven. They wanted me to work a triple homicide case that stemmed from a drug dealer turf war. I was ticked off, so I left.”

“What happened to Mary?”

“She said that I needed to take anger management classes. And that I shouldn’t have said anything to McClain. I was pissed. This was my career and he was stirring the pot. I had to work side-by-side with him. I came here to cool off. I didn’t want to transfer that far away.”

“The Corporate Parking bombing wasn’t your jurisdiction.”

"I know."

"That was a risk."

"We didn't have anything on him. I knew he'd go free, but I wanted to see if we could get anything out of him.

"You're lucky." Mike shook his head.

"I wanted this one. An eager look appeared on Wolfgang’s face."

“Was it one of McClain’s cases?” Mike asked.

Wolfgang nodded. “I’d been watching the Corporate Park case and knew, through a couple agents in the field, they were dry so when I was approached about Jeff Fortier and his possible involvement, of course I looked into it.” Wolfgang had a slight smile. "I consider it my jurisdiction."

“Have you heard from the FBI?

“Yup.” Wolfgang held up his mug to toast with Mike. “Some guys in the field got in touch with me and thanked me for sticking my nose in it.”

Mike laughed and tapped his mug to Wolfgang’s.

"What about McClain?" Mike sipped his beer.

"Piece of dung is furious."

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