First two books are being edited, second two written.

Ask me for book excerpts, if I don't have them posted below yet.

  Here's the thing, I wrote my first two books, and after Director/Producer Peter Pastorelli Sr. read the first one, The Painting of Deceit he said it was good and to take it to editor "Patrick McCord who will get it right where it needs to be." I couldn't afford that, so I got writing awards and scholarships and took classes... After I got invited to Bruce Pollock's novel writing critique group. He's one of the founders of Guitar Magazine...

  Now I'm working on revisions for The Painting of Deceit and On The Inside while I'm writing JUST ADD LIQUOR, thanks to my riders. They asked me for over two years, if I'm writing about being a Lyft and Uber driver and "what's the craziest thing that's happened during a ride?" The answer - PLENTY! I always tell them about a ride that shocked me. Like a twenty-something girl going over to a statue she thought was a real guy, picking up a guy at the hospital Emergency Department with his head wrapped up in bandages, and what a new father asked me!

  JUST ADD LIQUOR will be completed in 2019. Sign up above for the release email, free stories about some of my craziest rides, and more!

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