“LIAR!” Alex screamed at his ex-wife Kat Barringer-Holmes as his vehicle swerved to avoid an oncoming car and he went through a red traffic light.

     Alex Barringer snarled at his ex-wife Kat through the storm door of her home. His fist barreled through the glass window from which he stared at her. Shattering glass sprayed Kat and her friend Lexi who were standing inside the breezeway near the garage.

     He reached inside the storm door and thrust the lever upward unlocking it, blood running down his thickly muscular arm and off his hand. “You stupid, bitch, you!” 

      Lexi grabbed Kat’s wrist and ran up the few steps that went into the house. Kat lost her balance for a second as Alex flung the door open. She ran up the steps and he lunged for her ankle with his hands. Lexi screamed and pulled Kat by the arm as Alex’s fingers wrapped around Kat’s ankle. Kat clawed at the threshold trying to keep herself from being dragged down the stairs, and attempted to get away from the man that had a history of beating her...

Ronny Quinn of Quinn Security Agency stood at the helm of the agency's conference table. Fifteen undercover agents were ready to hear the mornings’ briefings. "Agent Astolfi, hit the lights. Will you?" Ronny picked up the projector remote.

Maverick Astolfi leaned back and pushed the light switch up with the back of his head. The room went dark and then the projector light illuminated the wall beyond the conference table. Ronny pressed a remote button and a photo of a man came up on the wall. "This nice gentleman is Alexander Barringer. Alex for short and Kat Holmes-Barringer's ex-husband. He's thirty-five, stands five feet, eleven inches. Eyes are blue. I've been busy collecting information on him for the last few days.  Agent Sanders?" Ronny tossed the remote to her.

Sylvie Sanders’ hand snapped upward and caught the remote. She pressed on a button. "For any of you who are unfamiliar with this case," Sylvie pointed...