I could be called Miss Fortune (misfortune). Those who have done good... to the unthinkable inspire me to write.

  After being asked, probably hundreds of times, throughout the thousands of rides I've given, I was convinced to write JUST ADD LIQUOR  - 100 Experiences with Rideshare Riders, Good, Bad and Dangerous. I thought of the title because when people ask me to tell them about my craziest ride, and I remark 'JUST ADD LIQUOR and you never know what you're going to get', they always burst out laughing. 

   The first time I thought about writing was because the person who helped raise me encouraged my parents to emancipate (divorce) me. In ON THE INSIDE, a Fortier Series' book about a wealthy dysfunctional family, Isabella Fortier is served court papers at the age of 15. Not being able to comprehend their meaning, she takes them to her history teacher, just as I did. 

  I'm fortunate to have taken writing improv classes by Judith Marks-White who worked for Time and Doubleday, been referred by Producer-Director Peter Pastorelli, Sr. to critique classes and invited to a novel writing group headed by Bruce Pollack, founder of Guitar Magazine, who's worked for Sony, and is involved in the film industry.

   I'm currently enjoying the majority of riders  while working my once-dreaded job, using my past in a creative manner and writing to tell about all of it.

  Having driven over 4,000 rides, seeing and hearing things I never have before, and feeling certain I never will again, I'm glad my riders asking if I was writing the book, got me to write it just as friends urged me to write the Fortier Series' books. They're being edited because I'm applying what I'v learned about the craft of writing to them. Today while working on revisions, I wonder if my rideshare riders will be the reason I'm finally able to get off the road. Their top questions? "Are you fearful for your safety, being a woman?" and "What's the craziest thing that's happened during a ride?" Some of these crazy things will be posted on the 1st and 15th of every month  under the  JUST ADD LIQUOR STORIES  menu tab above.

    After a life altered, getting fired, and not finding steady employment, I felt forced to become a driver, no matter how fearful of it. And when I become fearful while driving, I 'Go Fictional.' It's a driving rule I created for myself and is explained in my up and coming book JUST ADD LIQUOR.

     I couldn't have imagined that engaging with riders (college kids, criminals, celebrities, politicians, including a nanny and others) would help me successfully become something I've secretly desired for many years. Not only had I been clueless how to reach this goal, but I didn't even realize I'd reached it until I started writing my book! I'm turning out chapters in my Connecticut and New York City haunts, including a sauna.

   I attended Sacred Heart University (one of the places where I give rides), have three grown children and reside in Fairfield County, Connecticut where many of these stories have taken place.


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